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Multi-Faceted Approach

Businesses and Entrepreneurs face increasing pressures in the current economy. Our firm offers well rounded legal representation in critical areas like - Contracts, Taxation and Corporate Law. 

Contract and Corporate Law: 

Our firm assists clients with all phases of Contract and Corporate Law.

Within the area of Contract Law, we provide assistance with review, drafting and negotiations of business contracts. This is a key element for anyone whether it is an individual or a business that seeks to enter into an agreement with another party. A clearly articulated contract that defines each parties obligations can minimize the risk of dispute and even if a dispute arises, such a contract provides a strong footing for successful litigation.

Additionally, our firm assists clients with litigating contract disputes in areas of business, loans, construction, services and employment. 

Within the area of Corporate Law, we assist in setting up business entities including Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, LLCs and Corporations. We also provide requisite representation on issues such as investor relations, restructuring, regulatory compliance, business operating agreements, partnership agreements and mergers and acquisitions. 

In the current economic environment, businesses need to carefully plan their activities considering the long term impact of decisions. Our firm provides the highest level of professional advice on all business matters. 

We have demonstrated experience with technology startups, small and medium businesses and international organizations. Call us today for a consultation on your matter.



The world of technology isn't like the rest of the world. In the cyber-universe things are real and not. Intellectual property value weighs more than the tangible and there is also an entirely new set of laws and regulations that govern this world. These are also the reasons to consider working with a technology law attorney because this is a whole new world.

Understanding technology, no different than understanding the nuances of the medical or business world, is a valuable benefit in technology litigations. A good attorney well versed in technology is important when cases surrounding the digital world are involved.

From infringement rights, ownership issues, and more, the technical aspects of all things technology require a technology law attorney. If you are dealing with a legal technology-related issue and would like to talk to someone, contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Mayank Mohan. The world of technology is new and different, but our rights don't change and we will fight to help protect yours.



The area of business law is a massive one and it can encompass countless aspects of business ownership, operation, and financial legalities. That is why it is so important for companies to have an attorney experienced in the art of business litigation. It doesn't matter if your small startup company requires a startup law attorney, or if your corporation needs an expert in corporate law, the art of litigation in the world of business makes all the difference.

Being able to effectively argue, present, and ultimately win favorable outcomes is the result of great business litigation, and it is what the attorneys of Mayank Mohan deliver. Business litigation, even for a startup law attorney, can require research, interviews, and excellent organization and presentation skills.

Operating a business is a big task and it can require some legal counsel and consultation in many different areas. From business filing status to business to business or business to customer litigations, it can require a team to cover all the aspects of a business. Mayank Mohan understands this and it is also why we dedicate a team of attorneys to your case.

Business can be complex and the arena of law also comes with its own set of procedures, verbiage, and protocols. Combined, the art of business law can become a tricky sea to navigate, and it is another reason why companies should retain an attorney who is experienced and understands the intricacies of business law.

If your business needs representation or if you have some legal questions concerning your business, the law team of Mayank Mohan is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let our team of attorneys get to know you and your business. We are the Law Office of Mayank Mohan, and we will take care of your legal issues so you can get back to the business of taking care of your company

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