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Critical Insights

We work with individuals and businesses to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. We advise business clients at every stage, from planning and start-up through operations and dissolution. We also represent clients on  tax controversies with the Government. 

Additionally, with the TCJA and changes in tax law, organizations and individuals need to re-optimize their fiscal plans and operations to ensure that they are compliant as well as able to minimize their tax burden. Our firm has a deep commitment to our clients and we always proactively advise on any opportunities for tax planning. 

Some of the areas of our taxation practice include:

1. Tax issues in purchase and disposal of property

2. Tax considerations in Corporate setup, restructuring and disposition.

3. International Taxation - Corporate taxation, employee compensation, investments and other trade activities

4. Taxation of Partnerships



Taxes are simply a fact of life everyone must deal with, but how we choose to deal with taxes can determine just how good or how bad tax time can be. Having a property tax lawyer, for example, can be a smart move when it comes time to pay your property tax. Having a property tax lawyer before you ever have to pay property taxes is an even smarter decision though because planning and property taxes go hand in hand.

A good attorney experienced in the area of property tax can help determine how often you pay, how your property is taxed, and even how much tax you will have to pay. If you would like to discuss your property tax concerns or questions with a proven and professional property tax lawyer, we can help and we have the tools, the resources, and the team to get it done.

The law is here to protect us and it is designed to give us the tools to just that, and in the hands of the experienced property tax attorneys of Mayank Mohan, it will. For your home, for your business, and for any of your property, our attorneys are to fight for what is yours and for what matters to you. Contact the Law Office of Mayank Mohan to see how we can help, and help you protect your property today.



It doesn't matter if your company does business domestically or internationally, a corporate tax attorney can be an important asset. At the Law Office of Mayank Mohan, our clients not only get the benefit of having a corporate tax attorney but also an international tax attorney for companies who do business abroad.

Today more than ever it is important for companies to be aware of not only corporate taxes, laws, and regulations but international taxes and rules as well. That is why having a corporate tax attorney who can also act as an international tax attorney is so valuable. With the aid of technology and a more connected world, successful businesses have opened their doors to customers from every corner of the globe. Of course, in addition to more business that also equates to more tax concerns.

Corporate taxes and taxes from international transactions are just a few of the aspects of business Mayank Mohan can't handle for your company. If you have questions about corporate taxes, taxes from international dealings, or other business-related questions, we can help.

Keep your business legal, safe, and strong with the help of the professional and experienced attorneys of Mayank Mohan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and find out how we can help your company, for business at home and abroad. Business as usual should remain business as usual and having the right legal help will mean you can leave the legal issues to our team of attorneys so you can focus on the business at hand, like running yours.

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