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Meaningful Support

Family law matters are rarely simple and straightforward. A variety of matters such as child custody and support, spousal support, characterization and division of marital assets and domestic violence can cause a matter to become challenging. 

Additionally, very often, resolving family law issues also require expertise in areas such as immigration and taxation. Our firm is uniquely positioned to incorporate guidance in these areas to the family law matter. This helps us in uncovering critical options for resolution of family law issues. Further, we also assist with family law matters that involve international jurisdictions.

If you need assistance with any of the areas listed above or are unsure about the process, call us today for a consultation. 



Family disputes can be some of the ugliest and saddest types of litigation we can see. These types of cases also often require a family law attorney or a family divorce lawyer to handle such delicate proceedings. From partnership dispute litigation to parenting rights and issues, a caring and experienced attorney can make a difference.

When it comes to family issues, especially in the legal realm, there can be sensitive and heated topics that need to be handled with care along with professionalism. Often young children may be involved, in addition to other sensitive issues. An experienced family law attorney or a family divorce lawyer will understand the delicacy of these types of disputes. That type of understanding will make it easier for everyone involved because these types of litigations are difficult enough already.

At the Law Office of Mayank Mohan, it doesn't matter if you are dealing with partnership dispute litigation, or if there are children involved or not, we want to help. That means understanding the pain and discomfort that is often attached to these types of cases. It means treating your case professionally, and you personally. We are about the law and about making the law work for you.

In many cases of divorce, separation or partnership disputes, money, homes, vehicles, and items of sentimental value come into the discussion. Having attorneys who appreciate your situation and who are compassionate to your suffering will make it easier to deal with these circumstances. The team at Mayank Mohan will also do more than care about your well being too, and we will fight to get you everything you deserve and the best possible outcome.

Are you in a family dispute or going through a divorce? Do you have questions about what to do next or what rights you have? Contact the Law Office of Mayank Mohan to schedule an appointment and let us fight for your rights, and for your family. Let us deal with the legal issues, so you can focus on healing and picking up the pieces.

We know these may be very difficult times for you, but there is help and we will listen. Then we will put the law and our team to work, and one day soon you can put these hard days behind you. We are the Law Office of Mayank and Mohan, and we are here for you.

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