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Here at Law Offices of Mayank Mohan, we practice several types of law — but we’re the undisputed experts of U.S. Immigration Law, and our history of case victories proves it. We’ve been practicing Immigration Law since 2013 and seeking justice in this area is at the very core of what we stand for. Whether you have specific questions about the law or need immediate representation in the realm of Immigration, we are ready and up for the challenge. Contact us today!

Experienced Adviser Works To Obtain All Types Of Nonimmigrant Visas

Many options exist for people who seek to enter the United States on a temporary basis for employment or education. We help clients pursue nonimmigrant visas in various categories:

  •  Skilled workers : Our firm works with companies so that employees with a particular specialty can obtain necessary visa to work in the United States.

  •  Students : If you wish to advance your education at an American institution, we will help you navigate the process of obtaining an F or M visa.

  •  Visitors : People looking to visit this country for business, tourism, medical or other purposes have come to rely on us to procure the visas they need in an efficient manner.

No matter what immigration matter you bring to us, we are committed to providing you with personalized attention, and that begins with an initial consultation.

California Law Firm Handles Employment-Based Visa Applications

Bringing necessary personnel to the United States benefits workers, employers and the nation’s economy. However, companies are often confused about the eligibility requirements of hiring foreign workers. We can examine your specific situation and help determine where your petition might fit within the priority system established by the U.S. government. Approximately 140,000 of these visas are issued annually, and our firm understands how to demonstrate the employee’s credentials and prepare the requisite immigrant petition.

Skilled Advocate Assists Clients With Family-Sponsored Immigration

We help U.S. citizens and permanent residents sponsor family members for immigrant visas that allow them to enter this country. Citizens who seek to bring a spouse, a child under 21 years of age, or a parent to the United States can apply for an Immediate Relative Immigrant Visa. These visas are issued on an unlimited basis; our lawyers can help you initiate the process fairly quickly. Family Preference Immigrant Visas can be sponsored by lawful permanent residents and are also available to citizens who seek to bring siblings and married sons and daughters to this country. These visas are subject to limits, so prompt action from a skilled immigration attorney is crucial.



We live in a world today that reaches beyond borders and across continents. Many companies as a result of this new more connected world, find employees and specialized workers outside of their own countries. This is why an L1 Visa Attorney can be a great benefit and help businesses stay competitive.

A business immigration lawyer can help companies navigate the paperwork, the legal jargon, and the governmental red tape that comes with the territory. A business immigration lawyer will also be able to help with issues like immigration consultation and visa renewals among other typical tasks included with using immigrant and non-immigrant employees.

At the law office of Mayank Mohan, we offer businesses more than an L1 Visa Attorney or an immigration lawyer, we also can help with needs that require an H1-B Visa attorney or even an international tax attorney. We understand that business today means doing business with the world, and that includes working with countries from all over the world.

If your business works with an immigrant or non-immigrant workforce and employs specialists from outside the country, we can help. Our team of immigration attorneys are experienced and well versed in business immigration matters and can save you time, headaches, and help your company stay in compliance with all regulations that govern immigration.

Contact the law offices of Mayank Mohan for help with your next immigration hires or for any questions you have regarding hiring immigrant employees. There is a considerable amount of talent in the world and putting that talent to work for your business may require hiring workers from other countries. Don't let the hassle of immigration paperwork and visa processes keep you from getting the best talent - in the world.



It isn't a common occurrence, because these aren't typically common people. For those people who have earned special recognition on a national or international scale, their talents are often sought after. Those uniquely talented people also require a special work permit which is why some companies may need the help of an EB1-A Attorney.

The leading companies seek the best talent and the most skilled employees. For the best of the best, that might warrant an EB1-A Visa. If you are interested in finding the best of the best and need an EB1-A Attorney, we can help. Contact the Law Office of Mayank Mohan today, and don't miss out on the best talent of tomorrow.



Many changes are going on today in the world of immigration. President Trump's immigration reform policies and the changing climate of immigration in places like Mexico mean that business immigration practices need to be constantly monitored. This is one of the many reasons for retaining a good H1-B Visa Attorney.

Using and outsourcing help from all over the world is now a common theme among leading companies. That also means that more companies are using non-immigration employees that require an H1-B Visa. Although this type of visa is for non-immigrant employees, an H1-B Visa attorney will help ensure the process and the paperwork meets all Visa and immigration compliance regulations.

If you have questions about immigration or non-immigration employees or need a good attorney for your visa employee concerns, we can help. Contact the Law Office of Mayank Mohan today, because getting and keeping the best talent shouldn't be a problem because of a visa transfer issue.



Getting a lawyer in the matter of asylum isn't only smart, if it is a matter of life and death importance. When people seek asylum, it isn't because they are looking for a new home, a vacation, or even a new life. No, people who seek asylum do so in order to save their lives and the lives of their families. That is why people who seek asylum also want the best asylum lawyer they can find.

What does the best asylum lawyer mean? The answer could be different for many people but for the team at the Law Office of Mayank Mohan, it means attorneys who understand the gravity of the situation. It means law professionals who care about protecting people by using the law as much as they care about the law. For us, at Mayank Mohan, it means fighting for you and the well being of your family. Contact us today to see how we can help, because when it comes to seeking asylum status, we truly understand that your life may very well depend on it.



There have been many changes to the laws that govern immigration practices in the United States. Some of those changes are the result of the Immigration Act of 1990, such as the EB-5 Investor Visa. Having an EB-5 Investor Visa attorney can help those seeking meet the requirements.

The Law Office of Mayank Mohan has EB-5 Investor Visa attorney services and we also can serve you as an E2 Investment Visa attorney for foreign entrepreneurs who meet certain specifications as outlined in the Treaty of Trade and Commerce. From immigration and non-immigration issues to needs for an EB-5 or an E2 Investment Visa attorney, we can help.

If you have questions about obtaining a visa or acquiring a particular visa status, then contact Mayan Mohan and get the guidance and legal assistance you need. From doctors to investors and for many others, opportunity often means travel and the right attorney can help you get there.



Immigration laws are strict and there can be considerable amounts of paperwork and legal jargon to swim through to get things accomplished. These are a few of the reasons why a family immigration lawyer is recommended. For issues like applying for a marriage green card to basic immigration paperwork and filing, an experienced attorney can help.

Love doesn't recognize countries, borders, or places and when two people want to get married, borders and countries shouldn't keep them apart. A marriage green card is the answer for couples like these and a good family immigration lawyer or an experienced immigration attorney can make sure that these barriers don't keep people from finding love.

If you have questions concerning immigration status, filing for a marriage green card, or other related issues, contact the Law Offices of Mayank Mohan. Immigration laws aren't there to keep people apart, only to keep us all safer. While the paperwork, government verbiage, and red tape can be daunting, a good lawyer and eliminate the hassle, the time, and the risk of being denied because of filing mistakes.

For all of your immigration and non-immigration visa, transfer, or waiver needs and questions, we are here to help, with answers and solutions. Don't let a border or origins keep you from the life you want and with the help of Mayank Mohan, you won't have to.



People who participate in international athletic and sporting events, along with entertainers and artists travel using a P-1 Visa also referred to as an entertainment visa. When people need to apply or have problems obtaining these non-immigrant visas, an entertainment visa attorney can help. From world class athletes, to performing artists and entertainers, there are many reasons to seek an entertainment visa and just as many reasons to find a good lawyer who can help.

Many athletes and performers dedicate a great deal of time and effort into their sport or show, and dealing with cumbersome and time consuming paperwork, documentation, and filing procedures isn't something that many of these athletes and performers have time to do. Having an attorney skill in the area of entertainment visas will not only make these tasks easier, it will also prevent them from being forced to take unnecessary time away from the sport or talent they've been given.

Often with these types of non-immigrant visa transfers, it is more often than not a documentation or paperwork error. This is government channels, after all, and any "t" not crossed or "i" not dotted could throw the entire process back to square one. Save yourself the headache and get help with any problems by contacting an entertainment visa attorney - because the show must go on.



There are certain circumstances when a physician from another country may be needed and there are some physicians from other countries who practice medicine in the U.S. Although there are very particular requirements for these doctors to meet, acquiring a Physician J1 Waiver will likely require the help of an attorney.

If you are a doctor or you employ a physician from another country as a result of federally designated HPSA or for some other qualifying reason, then contact the Law Office of Mayan Mohan for a Physician J1 Waiver attorney. Doctors save lives and we can help with these types of waivers so they can continue doing just that.

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