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3 Common Sense Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer

Whenever you are going through legal issues, it's essential to find the right lawyer to handle them. Fortunately, most people don't see themselves with legal problems too often. However, when they do, it can be complicated, confusing, and intimidating to find the attorney that they need. The following common-sense tips will make the entire process smoother and more manageable.

The Best Experience for the Job

The first step is finding an attorney that has experience in the field that best fits your situation. It may mean you need a property tax lawyer, a family, and immigration lawyer, a criminal lawyer, a personal injury attorney, or any other type of lawyer. You may know an excellent personal injury lawyer, but that lawyer might do you any good if you require an immigration lawyer.

  • Do some searches for the type of lawyer you need that's in your area.

  • Ask around, someone you know may know a great lawyer.

  • Search the Martindale-Hubbell directory.

Conduct Phone Interviews

Contact the offices of a few lawyers. Speak to them to discuss your case. You can sometimes get a good feel for the lawyer through a quick telephone call. Is the lawyer personable? Did you feel comfortable speaking to the attorney? Did the attorney explain things in a way that was easy to understand? Did he or she answer your questions? Keep all these questions in mind as you make your phone calls.

Plan a Visit

Most lawyers give you a free consultation. Take advantage of this, so you can check out the office of any lawyer who passed the telephone interview. Go in and listen to what the lawyer says. Do the attorney's ideas for your case fit in with what you are anticipating? Do you feel good about the attorney is telling you? Continue these visits until you find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Before you make your final decision, check out your state's bar association listings. Any lawyer in your area will be listed there. If a name is not listed, the person is not a lawyer in your state.

The best attorney for you will be one with whom you feel comfortable. You and your lawyer should have a good rapport with one another. Your visions for the case should be similar. Choose your attorney wisely, and you'll be able to work together to settle any legal issues you might have.


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