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Answers to Common Questions about Hiring a Deportation Lawyer

If you are facing deportation, one of the first things that you should do is contact a deportation lawyer. Naturally, you may be frightened and unsure. You may have many questions to ask about working with this type of lawyer. These lawyers handle immigration issues, as they pertain to their clients. Lawyers often specialize in a particular kind of law. For example, a corporate tax attorney works with businesses, and a personal injury attorney works with those injured. In this case, when someone is facing deportation, they work with a lawyer who specializes in it.

What Happens if You Get Deported? If you get deported, you will have to leave the country. You will get deported to the place of your citizenship. In many cases, you are no longer allowed to return to this country once you get deported.

How Can A Lawyer Help You Stay in The Country? There are several ways that your lawyer can help you stay in the country. However, these will vary, depending on why you are getting removed from the country.

  • Getting a cancellation of deportation is one way. You must meet particular requirements to get this. Your lawyer will discuss these requirements with you.

  • An adjustment of status is another thing that your lawyer can try.

  • Asylum protection can stop deportation.

  • There are others, and your lawyer can go over these with you.

If Deportation Occurs, is it Immediate? As long as you were not in jail, you have some time before the deportation occurs. While paperwork and arrangements are getting made, you have some time to take care of things that have to get handled. However, in certain situations, deportation can happen very quickly. Again, this is something that your lawyer can discuss with you, based on your specific case. Deportation is very scary, but despite all that, you should never try to run or hide. The best way to fight it is with a lawyer who has adequate experience in these cases. There are several different methods for doing this. Your lawyer will go over your situation and come up with the best defense against deportation. Your lawyer will work hard for you, and you just have to be open and honest with your lawyer. Together you will work to fight the deportation. The important thing is, please do not give up, stay focused, and trust in your lawyer.


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